Pre-purchase Inspections

Whether you are considering the purchase of a domestic or commercial property if it was built before 2001 there is a chance that asbestos was used in its construction or decoration in some form.  Having a pre-purchase survey carried out before you commit to buy may help you make an informed decision and help plan for, or avoid, asbestos removal costs in the future.

Managing asbestos may not seem like a priority when you are trying to buy a house or take a lease on a commercial property, however early warning can enable you to plan ahead, reduce exposure or even avoid a property altogether.  Most properties built prior to 2001 will contain some form of asbestos.  Even if it is not inside the property itself it may become a problem during routine maintenance or repair work.

Commercial “full repairing” leases will normally put the responsibility of managing asbestos on the occupier regardless of whether it has been managed correctly previously by the owners or managing agents, which can be costly and if not planned for could be a crippling expense.  It could even be a deciding factor in whether or not to take the lease on a particular property.

Our pre-purchase asbestos surveys are based on the standard Management Asbestos Survey.  For commercial properties this can also be used as a basis for your Asbestos Management Plan, helping you fulfil your duties under Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.  For domestic properties, although there is no legal requirement to manage asbestos, it will give you a detailed analysis of the materials and advice on the best way to manage them (avoid exposure).

As well as the technical report we can also provide budget costs for either removal or any remedial works that may be required in the future.  These costs are not a quote but are intended to give you an idea of the scale of work involved and the likely costs associated with it.  If required you should contact reputable asbestos removal companies for more accurate costs.

If you have received a Home Buyers Report and only require specific materials testing, please see our Testing and Analysis page for more information.