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If you are looking for an asbestos survey or need specific materials testing in and around Bedfordshire then you’ve come to the right place!

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Asbestos Survey

From £295+VAT this is a mostly non-intrusive asbestos survey to identify asbestos materials that might be disturbed through normal occupancy or routine maintenance.

Asbestos Survey

From £295+VAT this is an intrusive asbestos survey concentrating on areas that will be affected by planned refurbishment work.

Asbestos Survey

From £295+VAT this a fully intrusive asbestos survey required before demolition work.


From £90+VAT this involves taking specific samples as requested and providing a certificate confirming which asbestos fibres are present in each sample, if any.

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First of all get in touch with us to discuss what you require. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we can help advise you. We have been carrying out asbestos surveys and testing in Bedfordshire for many years.

  • Free quotation and advice
  • We can liaise with tenants, agents and contractors
  • Keys can be collected/returned locally at no extra cost

  • We can act quickly and aim to turnaround sample analysis and reports within up to 10 working days

Easy to read reports

Our reports skip the jargon and sales talk and get straight to the results, ensuring you know what asbestos materials are present and where they are.


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Further advice

We don’t disappear after your survey.  If you have any questions about what to do next you can contact us at any time for more help.

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