Hazardous Waste Disposal
A simple service to collect and dispose of hazardous waste, including asbestos waste, safely and quickly.
Safe collection and disposal
Asbestos waste is generated in a number of ways including asbestos removal or fly-tipped waste.  We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency to deal with all types of waste including hazardous waste and asbestos waste.
Fly tipping
An unfortunately common sight throughout the UK, fly-tipped waste is a regular problem.  Usually the culprits have been paid in good faith to dispose of waste properly, but instead dump it on the side of the road.
What many people do not know is that you are responsible for your waste even after it has been taken away.  That is why it is so important to ensure you use a reputable company.  If there is anything in the waste that can identify you then you are liable for the clean up costs and possible prosecution.
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Don't leave yourself open to prosecution - use a reputable licensed company