Asbestos Testing & Analysis
A quick and simple way to test specific materials and find out if they contain asbestos.
There are many reasons where testing of specific materials may be required, including expanding on a survey previously carried out and identification of materials during refurbishment or demolition work.
Where specific materials are required to be tested we can arrange for a surveyor to visit your property and safely take the required samples. The cost will vary depending on the location work involved but there is usually an initial fee for the site visit which will include up to two samples, and a cost for each sample thereafter.
We use an independent UKAS accredited laboratory and the results are usually available within 2-3 working days. You receive the original analysis certificate which will confirm the asbestos fibre types (if any) identified.
For the purposes of bulk sample analysis the following fibre types are reported:
Chrysotile: Serpentine / White asbestos
Amosite: Amphibole / Brown asbestos
Crocidolite: Amphibole / Blue asbestos
NADIS: No asbestos detected in sample
Additionally where a secondary material is identified as containing asbestos (such as floor tile adhesive) this will also be reported
The fibre type alone does not determine the risk, this is assessed by a combination of the types of fibres and the material to which they are mixed with. For example, Crocidolite (blue) asbestos found in cement would be a much lower risk than Chrysotile (white) asbestos found in insulation.
What's included ?
  • Sampling carried out by one of our P402 asbestos surveyors

  • All samples are taken safely and discreetly

  • All necessary sample analysis by UKAS accredited laboratory

  • Results normally available in 2-3 working days

  • You receive the original laboratory certificate

Suspect materials should be presumed to contain asbestos until proven otherwise.
Fast Response
Once appointed we can usually carry out the site visit within a few days

We can also liaise with agents/homeowners regarding access

Competent Surveyors
All surveyors hold P402 and minimum of 10 years experience
Fully Insured
We hold Public and Employers Liability plus Professional Indemnity insurance

Confirmation of Cover available on request. We are insured to carry out all work associated with asbestos.

Fast turnaround times
Results are normally available within 2-3 working days

If results are urgent then please discuss this with us

Accurate results
All samples analysed by laboratory accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025
Client Confidentiality
Reports are only sent to, or available to, our client

Third parties must request copies from our Client.