Asbestos Testing & Analysis

Where specific materials are required to be tested we can arrange for a surveyor to visit your property and safely take the required samples.  The cost will vary depending on the location work involved but there is usually an initial fee for the site visit which will include two samples, and a cost for each sample thereafter.  We use an independent UKAS accredited laboratory and the results are usually available within 2-3 working days.  You receive the original analysis certification which will confirm the asbestos fibre types (if any) identified.  No advice or material assessment is included with this, if you do require this then please consider a survey.

For the purposes of bulk sample analysis the following fibre types are reported:

NameFibre ClassCommon Name
ChrysotileSerpentineWhite asbestos
AmositeAmphiboleBrown asbestos
CrocidoliteAmphiboleBlue asbestos