Asbestos Consultancy
THC Services are able to assist you with your duties in managing asbestos.
Client Consultancy
Since the requirement to manage asbestos in buildings came in with the 2004 asbestos regulations premises are required to have an asbestos management plan.  This is not just a survey but an actual plan of how you are managing your asbestos.  We can assist you in preparing your asbestos management plan to ensure full compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

We provide you with an independent and impartial service on all matters arising from asbestos within your buildings as we are one of only a few asbestos consultancy companies not owned or associated with asbestos removal.
Project Management
Planning asbestos removal projects can be a time consuming and expensive task.  Understanding the results of asbestos surveys and knowing how to appoint asbestos removal contractors is key to getting cost effective asbestos removal carried out.
We always recommend getting at least four quotations for work.  It is also important to check who you are getting quotations from and that they are not associated with each other.
Asbestos Re-inspections
Commonly people are advised that asbestos materials need to be checked every year, and of course there is a charge for this.  This is very broad advice, and not quite what the regulations require.  The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 require the asbestos management plan to be reviewed annually.  Inspection frequency of specific asbestos materials may vary from daily to every few years.  A blanket annual check of asbestos materials with no review of your asbestos management plan is not fulfilling your duties under CAR2012.  We are aware that many companies do not even have an asbestos management plan as they have never been advised of this requirement by their surveyor.
Asbestos Management Plans
For most clients this is a very simple process which gets overthought and confused often resulting in it not getting done at all.  We can help you prepare your asbestos management plan.  We don't have a standard template for this - it needs to be your own and often needs to fit in with other framework documents and health and safety systems.  The format does not matter, it is the content that is important.
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Asbestos Removal
Asbestos removal is usually a well planned and well executed task, but not always.  Licensed contractors are heavily scrutinised regularly by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), but non-licensable asbestos can be removed by anyone "competent" and with no notifications required for the majority of the work, nobody is going to check up it's being done correctly.
If you have any concerns about asbestos removal then get in touch.  Whether it's work you have or are having done, or something happening at a neighbours house.